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Fully Equipped Meeting Room in Ataşehir

Ataşehir, İstanbul Anadolu
80 guests
Meeting Room
Situated in the thriving hub of Ataşehir's most rapidly developing district, amidst the central offices of international corporations, this meeting room provides an ideal setting for your training sessions, seminars, and other business-oriented events. With its versatile seating arrangements and access to cutting-edge technical equipment, this space offers a conducive environment for your needs. Moreover, you can also utilize this room for shooting TV series, films, commercials, and various production projects.
Working Area
Included in your reservation
Creating A Presentation Layout
Projector And Screen
Wireless Internet
Creating A Classroom Layout
Air Conditioning - Ventilation
Tea - Coffee Facilities
Bringing Guests Catering And Beverages
Indoor Toilet Available
Suitable For Pets
Suitable For Children

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