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Large Garden with Pool Suitable for Big Events

Riva, İstanbul Anadolu
1000 m2
400 guests
Our villa is located on the banks of the Riva Stream. There is a garden covered with various fruit, pine, poplar trees and flowers in our seven-decare land that amazes those who see it. We have a very large outdoor swimming pool surrounded by natural grass in the garden. There is a pier platform located in the shade of the magnificent poplar trees on the bank of the stream. In addition, the pergola located among the hydrangea flowers by the creek has been furnished for use and is offered to you. Many activities can be done in our place, which is intertwined with nature. We host many special events, especially weddings, in our country garden. With various decoration options and themes according to the liking of our guests, we can set up the most elegant and most suitable invitation schemes for rural weddings. We create a seating arrangement with round or rectangular tables for 10 people and white lacquered chairs. Our arrangements, which are predominantly white, show a wonderful harmony with our garden, which has all shades of green. In addition to these, if our couple wishes, we can also set up the seating arrangements around the pool. We plan your invitations with a capacity of approximately 400 people and, if you wish, we organize a standing wedding ceremony for you to have your wedding ceremony before the wedding. Villa Features Our villa consists of three bedrooms on the upper floor, two bedrooms on the lower floor (one with a fireplace), a living room of around 80 square meters and a very large kitchen. Our villa has a total bed capacity of 13 people.
Nature View
Smoking Area
In Nature
Included in your reservation
Air Conditioning - Ventilation
Sufficient Number Of Toilets
Car Park
Suitable For Pets
Bringing Guests Catering And Beverages
Guests Playing Their Own Music
Use Of Space Electricity In Large Events And Shootings
Suitable For Children

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