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Special Event Area for Children and Adults

İstinye, İstanbul Avrupa
140 m2
30 guests
Multi-Purpose Event Space
We created our studio in İstinye with both children and adults in mind. Our studio has 2 rooms, 1 kitchen and 2 dressing rooms. We have specially designed one of our rooms for children and reserved it for activities such as private lessons, playing games and therapy. We designed another room suitable for activities such as dance classes, birthday parties and yoga. We will be very happy to see you among us for your events. The price varies depending on the event type and date you choose. Don't forget to get a special offer for you!
Children's Play Area
Wooden Parquet Floor
Included in your reservation
Projector And Screen
Wireless Internet
Workshop Table
Air Conditioning - Ventilation
Sufficient Number Of Toilets
Suitable For Pets
Bringing Guests Catering And Beverages
Guests Playing Their Own Music
Indoor Toilet Available
Suitable For Children

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