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Mekan resmi
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Wide Activity Area in Industrial Structure

Maslak, İstanbul Avrupa
500 m2
300 guests
Multi-Purpose Event Space
Located in Maslak, the heart of the business world, in a structure that fits the spirit of the neighborhood, you can rent this unique place for various productions such as photography, video, advertisement, fashion and catalog shooting, and add value to your shoots. The most important feature that makes this place different and unique is its original style and style. Everything starts with design here. In every design, attention is paid to the integrity of the concept.
High Ceiling
Epoxy Floor
Unfurnished - Empty
Private Parking
Decorative Plaster
Gross Concrete Wall - Ceiling
In The Industrial District
Included in your reservation
Projector And Screen
Wireless Internet
Sound System
Air Conditioning - Ventilation
Sufficient Number Of Toilets
Bringing Guests Catering And Beverages
Guests Playing Their Own Music
Use Of Space Electricity In Large Events And Shootings
Indoor Toilet Available
Suitable For Party

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