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Fully-fledged E-Sports Arena

Maslak, İstanbul Avrupa
3500 m2
700 guests
Our facility is at your service as a new event, conference and show center that will meet the needs of everyone who is looking for a different venue. We have a foyer area of 850 m2 and a hall with a seating capacity of 700 people on an area of 3.500 m2. The seats in this hall can be removed. In this way, it becomes a hall with a capacity of 1,000 people. We have a 190 m2 stage and 70 m2 Led screen in our hall. Our venue also has seminar rooms and vip lounge service. Apart from these, we have a 245 m2 gaming hall and 120 m2 merchandise room for esports team accessories, gaming computers, hardware and games. Production & There are 2 123 m2 studios and 74 m2 studio and shoutcaster room for influencers and publishers in our area. The technical features of our salon are as follows: • Line Array 2x8 LR • Line Array 2x2 double 18” subbass • 40x8 digital sound table • 24 pcs of 50 Watt led spot light • Tribune and lectern microphone • 70 m2 Led 3mm, 4K ( x 4.80 cm) Price varies depending on the event type and date you choose. Don't forget to get a special offer for you!
High Ceiling
Epoxy Floor
Disabled Access
Private Parking
Included in your reservation
Creating A Presentation Layout
Projector And Screen
Wireless Internet
Creating A Table Layout
Creating A Classroom Layout
Creating A Cocktail Layout
Sound System
Suitable For Pets
Suitable For Children

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